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Thursday, May 29, 2003  

YAY MOLLY IS BACK, i dont have to ask you all about religion any more, ive got counselors at church for that. that concert sounds cool ill just have to ask my parents, right now im free for the later part of friday night but the rest of my weekend is taken up. i finally purchased my car, for the last couple weeks the guy was just talking about selling it but today we finally went through with it. to bad parts for cars are so expensive......a new hood would run me a thousand bucks......kinda sucks.....but as soon as i get it fixed up and painted ill come and pick everyone up and we can go ride around and race people (i just wanna do it once) because we cant lose. see everyone later

posted by: mike | 9:19 PM

hey! I'm sorry I havent been on here for a long time! I guess i missed a lot of things, oh wait, I wouldnt get told them anyway so i guess it doesnt matter! I've bee n at Branson the whole weekend!! We just got outta school!! Slowly and slowly I'm starting to not get on MSN messenger! I dont why! I dont know what I do instead!! School is finally done! I slacked off a bunch this last quarter, whick sux b/c I know i coulda done better! I just cant focus any more!! Why?!?! Mike if you have any questions about religion you can ask me, too, ok?? So whats goin on this weekend??

posted by: Molly | 6:10 PM

I'm at school right now. just got done with my keyboarding exam. Next I go to lunch, then my final for spanish, then I'm outta here for the summer...yay! Mike, katie can't figure out how to work this. By the way are we doing anything this weekend or sometime soon? The concert in Springfield is June 3 from 6:30-12:00. my mom said that she would take us home if someone took us there. the cost is $15. It's not sold out yet, but i dont know where to go to get tickets. mike will you help me find some. It's at the Illinois state fairgrounds. well anways. I get outta here in a few mintues. catch ya later.

posted by: chelsa | 11:26 AM

Wednesday, May 28, 2003  

yes poor them. i was so excited today since school was out, but i think i was so excited i kinda freaked out katie, but thats ok because im done with school and now im not a stupid freshman, now im a stupid underclassman

posted by: mike | 9:40 PM

Tuesday, May 27, 2003  

ants dont have dicks, poor them.

posted by: chelsa | 9:20 PM


posted by: mike | 7:57 PM

mike you just crack me up *i changed crake to crack*mike was here

posted by: chelsa | 7:36 PM

Monday, May 26, 2003  

ok im not sure about friday now, my parents made plans to have some family friends come over, but im trying to figure out another day, ill let everyone know when i find out

posted by: mike | 9:42 PM

let's bring it back to life. get katie added. and are we going to your house? mike was here HAHAHHAHA

posted by: chelsa | 7:57 PM

i think the blog is slowly dieing, live damnit, live

posted by: mike | 3:13 PM

Friday, May 23, 2003  

its 10 and i keep tryin to call her cell. whatever happened to molly? im scared for her life, maybe the penguins took her

posted by: mike | 10:10 PM

Thursday, May 22, 2003  

her number is 532-9364. Are you going to bring someone else with you? She said that would be ok. Beware her family will be there.

posted by: chelsa | 8:41 PM

k ill get ahold of her, i still have her number i think. im very happy that everything is better. fighting just makes a lot of people mad for no reason, ill bring the matrix and ill show you where i shaved my leg at. only about 12 people so far have noticed but it feels smooth and good. but im never gonna shave the whole thing, that would be gay. im in class right now and just got a zero for some assignment that i didnt know about which made me very upset but now i might not get the grades i wanted. tonight i have some jazz band things and thats about it. my two songs of the week..........cumbersome,ignition. both are good........wheres molly at.........she never comes on anymore

posted by: mike | 3:00 PM

I hope things are better now. Just call katie. And also she wants you to come on saturday, be there are 1 or whenever you can at her house. it ends at 5 but you can stay till whenever you want. and bring the matrix....

posted by: chelsa | 12:23 PM

Wednesday, May 21, 2003  

im trying my best to stay calm over all this stuff and im really trying hard not to get mad. i think im not confused anymore on religion and those types of subjects. yesterday i had the guy dressed as jeusus at judgement house and one other guy come to my house from the church. we sat down and had a big talk about this. i joined the baptist church there because i like the people who go there. i found out a lot about the guys that came over. just like me they take the youth group paintballing and they do lots of fun things. im going with my friend shawn tonight. this is all big changes for me. the only reason i understand why derek stopped all together was because you kinda have a short fuse chelsa. but one thing i really wanna know is do you really hate the whole stutter. krefft said you did but i dont know, its ok if you dont i just wanna know.

posted by: mike | 3:04 PM

and guess what also? Dustin told you things I said about you...well mike he said some stuff about you too. But unlike him, i have class and I'm not a crap stirrer so i wont tell you

posted by: chelsa | 12:18 PM

what is wrong with you? You're being so mean about all of this. I tried to help you and now you're just gonna say now you see why derek won' t talk to me. Wow I don't care. You can just go and be like this. You're getting mad about stuff on the net, and yes you can trust me. I don't see why you couldn't? but hey it's your decision. You're still way confused on everything. But it's so nice of you to end things the way you did. After all i did for you.

posted by: chelsa | 12:08 PM

Tuesday, May 20, 2003  

my parents are good people. my dad was a strong catholic most of his life till his work demanded more. my mom went to presbityrean church for about 15 years but then she slowly drew away. they both work hard for their things and they help support me and my sister. since were on the subject of being ignorant, my friend dustin has told me what you told him. i was being truthful in everything i told all of you. i even told you my thoughts and beleifs thinking you wouldnt judge me. but even now ive started to get into church, and with our without you all im gonna go and learn to beleive and accept. but i guess hiding things you thought about me behind my back was ok, especially since you probably know by now that i take things seriously and dont like lying, and i dont think lying to people is really appropriate when the person your doing it to trusts you. i think it just might be since im to trusting. i may need to work on that. tommorow at 6:30 ive got my youth group meeting, i went back to talk to the people at the church because our conversation got me thinking. i appreciate all youve done for me, but i guess i understand derek now and his reasons for not hanging around. im not gonna say anything to molly or katie except im sorry if any of this just sucks for you as much as it does for me. im also gonna say that i liked you all and you were all nice people

posted by: mike | 8:39 PM

Me went crazy? haha that's so funny. I'm glad you're not ignorant anymore, it's sad that you have such bad parents that they say you can't go to church. I need to talk to them

posted by: chelsa | 8:10 PM

umm why would i wanna mess with you, im not even mad, i was even starting to change my thoughts about things because you pointed me in the right direction, so in the long run thanks, but i still dont know why everyone went crazy in just 2 days

posted by: mike | 8:06 PM

Hey mike, you want to screw with me, we'll see who wins in the end... I already have! :D

posted by: chelsa | 8:02 PM

well i guess this is the end, just like bergy im out. just because i havent really led a life with church doesnt mean im a bad person. ive been reading up on things and ive acually decided to join a youth group. things got crazy i guess but now it wont matter. see you all sometimes maybe. and i really liked katie to, she was nice to me and didnt flip out when my friends sent her those emails.

posted by: mike | 3:20 PM

Monday, May 19, 2003  

well i couldnt help but laugh..i didnt mean to!! But I do think I was the one laughing the most!! I'm confused!! why would you be offending anyone? I have to go to the YMCA tomarrow for school! Well I'll be swimming but not for very long b/c it will be be too packed and there will be lice heads in it!! YUCK!!

posted by: Molly | 9:39 PM

I know I heard about it too from kaylie, you guys are horrible, i thought it was cute. I wasn't laughing. but can't take it back now. and you better hold it in about colin

posted by: chelsa | 4:04 PM

i just talked to our judgement house tour guides son. he said he mom was really mad that we were laughing at the heaven scene. colin has been asking why everyone was talking about him, but im trying my best to hold it in

posted by: mike | 2:33 PM

Sunday, May 18, 2003  

It's fine mike. Just ask me whatever. I don't know everything, but I know alot. I want to help you. Ask me anything

posted by: chelsa | 9:07 PM

im sorry i kinda freaked out on msn. im really confused and im trying to take this all in at once. im just not sure of many things, but im sorry to anyone ive offended

posted by: mike | 6:58 PM

he didnt touch mine, he just touched the girls, i swear chelsa, your from my family because your sister is nothing like you

posted by: mike | 6:01 PM

Saturday, May 17, 2003  

Yep that was so weird, guess u should never have some guy touch your face.

posted by: chelsa | 10:22 PM

i though the whole hell scene was supposed to be scary but it was just some big guy in a suit and like a pillow pit. the movie was pretty good. judgement house was ok till the end were i had to sit in a room bymyself with some guy and discuss my religious life and changes he wants to help me to make so i can save my soul. wasnt it funny that *colin* was there chelsa, i swear i was gonna explode from laughter at the very end where the person dressed as jesus walked up to me and put his hands out, i had no idea what was going on and why i was wearing a white thingy.

posted by: mike | 2:19 PM

Friday, May 16, 2003  

The movie was great. I wish I could fight like that and be wacko in leather. So what didyou all think about judgement house? I thought it was pretty cool. And i don't see why katie woulda been traumatized. well i might go to bed soon, i have to be up early.

posted by: chelsa | 11:27 PM

Yah mike, you have me wondering. . . You care about clothes, i cant believe that. I have to take a shower and change because i sweat alot and i smell bad. We're still going to judgement house, i dont have reservations, but let's try anyways, we can just wait. so i'll see ya there. bye

posted by: chelsa | 3:53 PM

i think that katie will look good with whatever she wears. my clothes from school are gonna be to messy because we played football for 4 hours. im just gonna do the blue tips or else it might look a tad bit crazy. if we dont wanna go to judgement house, ice cream man is always an option. my mom has offered to take us where we want in our van so your parent can just pick you up wherever we go. and dont worry, my mom is a good driver and has never been in a accident if anybodys parents are a little nervous. the hair isnt gonna look like im a freak that did the whole thing either, and tips just add to the whole effect of the outfit since the main shirt has blue in it, why do i care about this stuff anyways?

posted by: mike | 3:00 PM

hmm...what am i gonnna wear?? im gonna wear what i wore to school..imagine that!! I'm in 9th hour right now!! I have a red shirt w/ a white shirt underneath and blue jeans!! i always wear jean i dont have any khakis!!! oh well!!! BLUE HAIR!!!!!!!! that awesome that your gonna have your hair a different color!! is it gonna be highlights or your whole head blue?? should i wear sandals or tennis-shoes? are we going to judgememnt house?? Will katie's mommy let her yet?? why would you have to be Baptist?? I really dont think I'm Baptist.. think im more toward I'm First Baptist not Baptist..Baptists have weird religions like not tto go to dances or wear shorts...or something like that..I'll ask my daddy!! WHEEEEEEEE!!! I'm now 14..never to be 13 again!! YAY!!!!!

posted by: Molly | 2:05 PM

ok, blue hair? cool. Ok so I think we aren't leaving hillsboro until like 6:10-6:15...soooo wait for us I guess. and how are we gonna get to judgement house? Katie is freaked at what to wear tonight? what do you want her to wear?

posted by: chelsa | 12:12 PM

Thursday, May 15, 2003  

ok as of the end of thursday school day it will only be two people from litchfield, me and andrea. matt cant go after the movies becuase he has to play paintball saturday with me. matrix is gonna rule, but ive changed my outfit and no more red hair, now its rhino blue shirt, black undershirt, khakis and BLUE hair,, i just hope katie thinks i look good, im sure she will look awsome

posted by: mike | 3:17 PM

I got done with my work early in keyboarding. Hey everyone. So mike how many people are coming to judgement house with us? Please know today so I can make reservations. :) I'm gonna be at Zion like the whole weekend for this other church thing so maybe I'll come witnessing to your house. later

posted by: chelsa | 12:18 PM

Wednesday, May 14, 2003  

Some has been screwing with my email. I'm pissed.

posted by: chelsa | 9:44 PM

Happy old day molly! you are old. mike you are the ruler. im not baptist either. ice cream man is good

posted by: chelsa | 4:08 PM

whos the ruler? are we talking measurements or something. ive never been to ice cream man and im not baptist so im kinda in the middle on this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOLLY WHEEEEEEEEEe, and im done. orange tic tacs are here and waiting hehehehhehehe

posted by: mike | 2:42 PM

Tuesday, May 13, 2003  

dont know, ask the ruler

posted by: chelsa | 9:17 PM

hey hey hey!! havent been on the internet for a while but thats alright!! so who all is going to the movies that you know of Mike?? Are we gonna go to judgement house and go to icecream man and pizza man??? wonder wonder!! so am i just gonna spend the night at ur house this Friday?? yes no maybe so?? I dont have tumbling this Friday either im doing this wed. instead but not for good!! I wish it was on Wed. all the time...not my birthday wed. but the next wed. after that!! get it?? ok!!

posted by: Molly | 8:29 PM

ok ill dl it. In early, what time do you mean by that? And are we gonna do something afterwards, katie's mom says that is cool. o and me and katie had a talk about you, i will fill you in on the details if you want to know. till later....

posted by: chelsa | 3:59 PM

its a vhs that i recorded at home one night, the quality is all right. if that one girl is mean, chuck and her might get along. we need to get the movies extra early this friday because knowing this movie its gonna be packed and may get sold out. if you wanna listen to a good song dl I E A I A I O by system of a down, its awsome

posted by: mike | 2:37 PM

Monday, May 12, 2003  

I think my last post messed. It didnt show up. But anyways. listening to some tool right now...useful idiot. Great stuff. I think the guys in tool are kinda insane, but that's cool.

posted by: chelsa | 9:40 PM

well i wouldn't tell him, she just wants to be mean. I dont see why he wants a girl friend so bad. Some people. But ok, anyways. Yah that would be cool for me to borrow it, dvd or vhs?

posted by: chelsa | 8:36 PM

sometime ill let you borrow my copy of the matrix, and if you want me to ill tell chuck about this *nicole* chuck wants a gf bad but hes set his sights really high and he needs to change his attitude

posted by: mike | 7:09 PM

i dont get the miss illinois. I've only seen the last 20 minutes of the matrix. Does that mean i will be so confused? Katie wants to come with me. And like afterwards we should so something. I've got this one friend, nicole, he wants to come and bug chuck, i told her about him. She wants to play with his head and stuff. I have 4-h tonight, it sucks, im the president. But i do get this stick thing and i get to make people shut up with hit. Russian roulette, are you in the mood for suicide?

posted by: chelsa | 4:03 PM

hello, i think miss illinois is more then just corn. the matrix reloded is gonna rock, and im all out of words. anybody up for russian roulette?

posted by: mike | 2:35 PM

Sunday, May 11, 2003  

I'm lonely. I'm all home alone right now. Has Mr. Bergman left us for awhile? Please come back.

posted by: chelsa | 6:41 PM

I just got back from church. I saw a puppet show and I was excited. Now I have to go to my auntie's for lunch. Save me!! Then I need to bake brownies for 4-h tomorrow night...i can't cook, anyone want to do it for me?

well mike I hope you had fun. Especially with my favorite person.

posted by: chelsa | 11:27 AM

Saturday, May 10, 2003  

im being good at the moment.. im in the basement of my sisters apartment in carbondale.. everything is about to begin and some of the older guys just found a huge liquor store sign and brought it downstairs. they found it behind a dumpster which is awsome. im probably gonna go upstairs and join the fun but i was just gonna get on and say that i am gonna be good (not do anything bad) and im not gonna be crazy for the time being. see everybody in a bit maybe on msn, ill probably leave it on most the night

posted by: mike | 9:11 PM

Like I believe that mike. I'm going to send some spys down there. It's not fair that you get to go and have a good time and I'm stuck here in Hillsboro. Dirt can be fun. When it is wet and you play in it. Mud makes you feel good. Air conditionings are for wussies. I have central air, but that's beside the point. It's not that hot.

Mike's gonna be a good person? Define good. but it is nice of you to make pucci bikinis for girls. Make sure I get one

posted by: chelsa | 1:04 PM

i fell asleep at like 10:30 like i said. but i had a good time friday till i got home and our air conditioning went down.....damn going to central air. matt is very very mad at his mommy for not letting him go. he had to level dirt the whole night for they could pour concrete. and just to set the strait chelsa, im not getting drunk tonight like you probably are thinking, im gonna be a good person, i wanna change my evil ways and help penguins everywhere learn to love to wear tuxedos and make pucci bikinis just for girls everywhere

posted by: mike | 10:42 AM

It's 2:14 am right now. I fell asleep on the couch. I was resting my eyes as i thought, and I woke up and its so late. well now im going to bed since none of my children are on

posted by: chelsa | 2:17 AM

Friday, May 09, 2003  

It's alright that you bailed on us!! we'll just harrass you til you do come!! no dont worry we're not stockers!! at least we dont think so!! or hope so!! i owuld never spend $500 on a bikini.....and why im complaing is b/c i do look horrible!! I need to look better but its physically impossible!! It would make me feel better if you all told me the truth and told me i looked VERY VERY UGLY!!! so just tell me the truth now that oyu know it wont hurt ok???? OK!!!!!

posted by: Molly | 9:06 PM

Mike you're awesome...

posted by: chelsa | 8:54 PM


I can't believe you! Bailing out on us for your mommy!! Come on. . . it's ok though, we know you don't want to be naked. And these new clothes, we want to see them. And also this better not be an excuse mister. Or you will be severely punished. Like are you really going out with that Kayla girl and this is another one of your cover ups? Sorry If I'm assuming. But yes I am. And you're making poor Mike come all by himself. If I was him, I'd kick your ass.

By the way. . . Your congical visist, isn't ever happening.

posted by: chelsa | 4:35 PM

so i guess you arent coming then...its ok, go get some new clothes

posted by: chelsa | 9:56 AM

Thursday, May 08, 2003  

Hmmm, my parents are going to Fairview heights or Springfield tomarrow... and I need new cloths... son of a bitch.

posted by: Bergy | 10:46 PM

I am crazy. Yes everyone is complaining. Today is the official complain and be complained at. Tomorrow probably is too. Pucci is a designer brand name. You should see it. And yes mike, my face is like fat. It's disturbing. My feet are big. It's messed. One toe is like half webbed. I'll show you. Food makes me sick now. I think I'm going anorexic. Do you know that i think that I have serious problems?

I shaved my legs earlier. The water in the tub was too hot. Moll I don't know how you shave your legs standing up, I can't do anything standing up. I'm gonna hire a slave to shave my legs. I wish I had a slave. I would benice to him. Maybe even pay him. I wouldn't hurt him. Just someone to help my lazy self out.

My legs are you know, long. They can kinda be annoying when trying to find pants. I only have one pair of pants i like. It's a shame I can't wear them everyday.

posted by: chelsa | 9:19 PM

i was looking through my wallet and found my panther gold card, so if we do get a pizza from dominoes we can also get free breadsticks (at least elvers is good for free food). mud mud mud mud if only i had a flaming pineapple. why would you buy a bikini for $500, but as i ask everyone that question i start to think about paintball and why im doing it. oh well. tommorow is gonna be good but im still wondering why everybody is complaining about how they look. so now its my turn to complain, i want to change everything, there im done. and chelsa your face is not fat at all........WHY IS EVERYBODY GOING CRAZY......but as long as everyone is nice and peachy for tommorow it will probably turn out good. what the hell is a pucci

posted by: mike | 7:29 PM

Tackle football in the mud would be awesome. Remember our mud pics? Bikinis approiate to play? Molly you should get your hair cut all one length I think. I think i need to too, I dont take care of it enough. We just need to start a new fashion trend. Like not preppy. And maybe wear some eye liner, learn how to put it on. I dont wear make up, maybe I should. Im beginnging to look scummy. Moll remember how fun it wa last time we went shopping, we should go again.

anymore questions ms maddona?

posted by: chelsa | 6:21 PM

I'll most likely go. 95% sure, incase of a crisis or some shit.

Ask mike that stuff It doesn't matter to me.

I just slept for 45 minutes, I miss nap time but not I feel like shit.

We had to stay in school for 20 or so extra minutes, I took Chuckles home instead of making him walk so It was about 4 when I got home...
I was in science class and the teacher is a voulenteer firemen so we knew what was going on before the school. Mr. Haneal (or how ever you spell) is pretty cool to our class.

posted by: Bergy | 6:00 PM

Well Chelsa there is only one way to get rid of your "Virgin Cheeks" and you know the way! But I'm pretty sure you dont want to get rid of them that way!! It depends on how short you get it cut!! Its pretty short already so not too much!!!! Make it look awesome Chelsa!! By the way im prolly gonna look like crap tomarrow so dont be alarmed when you see me!! Oh wait i forgot i look like crap everyday!!!!!! I need my hair LONG again!!!! If only i wasnt stupid and cut it off!!! it'll grow pretty soon I hope!!!!!! It's growing fast!! almost time for a trim!! uhhhhh......I look horrible all the time!! any suggestions???? Please have some!! Please answer my question...I answered yours!!! PLEASE!!!! I hope its not raining tomarrow b/c otherwise Suicide Mission is out!! then what are we gonna do?? we could play tackle football in the mud!! any takers??? any one?? any one at all???

posted by: Molly | 5:39 PM

Yes we know you fat cow. I'm not feeling very well. I couldn't sleep last night. Someone please make me better. I ate something that made me sick again, I might as well not eat. My face is so fat anyways. I have these stupid "virgin cheeks" gosh I hate them.

My hair is depressing me. I got upset with it today and just threw it up. Should I cut it? you people never answer my questions.

I'm like craving dominoe's pizza and cinna sticks. I need a new bikini. I tried on my ones from before and it's like "chels what the fuck were you thinking when you bought those?" I don't know what kind I'm going to get. I like those brazilian cut ones and I want this pucci white designer one but you know those are like $500. Maybe some day i could afford it.

Right now I could just shoot someone. Like with a really powerful russian weapon. The kinds that leave little holes when they go in and blow away the back. But I would settle for a pellet or even paint ball gun. I hate my sister. She makes me want to strangle small children. This Blog name "crazy people" fits us well. I am crazy

Later I think I'll run till I drop.

p.s. molly you were horrible last night :D

p.p.s. you didnt hear it from me

posted by: chelsa | 5:32 PM

around what time are you all coming?? I'm still a little sick but mostly all i have is a cough...but dont worry its not bad!! school sucked as always!! but we had to stay an hour more than usual!!! i had to stya in the stuffy stinky locker room!! YUCK!! and ppl were coloring their hair w/ highlighters!! kinda weird!! it looked kinda cool though but i didnt do it to my hair! My hair is so curly from the freakin rain!!!! GO AWAY RAIN!!!!!!! Avita is on!!! i remeber i used to love that movie!!!!!!!!!!

posted by: Molly | 5:25 PM all you guys are having for supper is breadsticks?? I eat a lot!!

posted by: Molly | 5:19 PM

You weren't bitching. Don't worry about it. As long as you're not mad.
Hillsboro is so fucking stupid. They held us for an hour because of the fucking rain. I had to go pee since the beginning of last hour and the teacher wouldn't even let me go. I think i pissed myself.

Well you guys coming tomorrow? Who is? We'll need to give you directions. oh and me and katie only want breadsticks so you guys just let us know what you want on your pizza. and what time do you think you'll leave?

posted by: chelsa | 4:47 PM

Wednesday, May 07, 2003  

I'm sorry for bitching at everyone. Do guys have PMS? I think I may be entering that.

If I'm still bitchy tomarrow put me out of my misery.

posted by: Bergy | 11:31 PM

Dereks are dumbasses also, who don't know when to shut up.

I hate Derek.

I think all my problems stem from being critical of myself.

"I hate myself sometimes, some times I hate myself." - Taproot

Yeah well, I bitched at 4 people today. One for saying I should act more black, another just for talking to me. the list goes on, I'm becoming more hateful daily...

posted by: Bergy | 11:25 PM

Derek it sounds like you're on drugs or something.

Dereks arent homos...Well I take that back, some are

posted by: chelsa | 8:56 PM

Fuck grammar and spelling I'm too tired. I can barely hold my head up.

posted by: Bergy | 8:01 PM

Everyone named Derek is a homo.

I shaved it was botehring me while playing baseball with my brother earlier...

Man, I'm so strung out it isn't funny... I was yelling at everyone this morning and later I was laughing at everything...

posted by: Bergy | 8:00 PM

beard...i think i'll grow one!! i like the feel of sandpaper!! the ROUGH feeling!! oh yes!! of course i whack off to Jesus loves the little children!! dont you?? Chelsa has a dead rat as a pet and she likes to rape it at night!! she drinks coffee at the coffee shop!! how weird!! she's so messed up i swear!! Chelsa loves Aldof Oliver Bush!!!!! hehehehe!!!

posted by: Molly | 6:20 PM

should i cut my hair, i need an opinion.

so you guys need directions? I am not good at directions. Neither is Moll. When we went to the Bleach concert she went into this hosptial and got directions from a man who barely spoke english. She has problems

Guess what? I really like those sour altoid tangerine things. I bought some today and I've eaten so many that my tongue is messed up.

I know alot of people named Derek. Like 7. That's so kinda interesting.

Molly touches her unmentionables. More than normal people do.

posted by: chelsa | 6:07 PM

beards are........weird

posted by: chelsa | 5:38 PM

how can you stand not shaving.....i cant go for two days or else the stubbles drive me crazy......its like sandpaper

posted by: mike | 5:18 PM

Are you going for a record without shaving?

posted by: chelsa | 3:52 PM

Tuesday, May 06, 2003  

I haven't shaved in 7 days. I'll make it till about iono monday...

posted by: Bergy | 10:20 PM

very interesting. So what's wrong with this Mrs. Reitz lady?

posted by: chelsa | 9:53 PM

in the future hotdogs will be so abundant we will use them as a new currency 20 hotdogs would equal roughly a nickel, depending on the strength of the yen, sorry im getting ahead of myself lets just keep prayin that we can clone one of these hotdogs.......if you were a hotdog and if you were starving...would you eat yourself, i know i would, at first i would smother myself in mustard and relish....i would be so delicious, and if you said no i would of charged at you like a tornado filled with arms legs and fingernails.........................................................all of this was quoted from harry caray

posted by: mike | 9:35 PM

if i didnt shave for 2 weeks i could grow a beard------mrs reitz is just stupid because her husband probably is so disgusted by her to sleep in the same room as her,

posted by: mike | 9:30 PM

w00t thongs!

Man Mrs. Reitz is fucked.

and yes, it is black...

posted by: Bergy | 7:17 PM

thongs are awesome. Do you wear them too? I wonder if I could shave a guys face

posted by: chelsa | 6:02 PM

PAIN-----stupid razor just got me 3 knicks but im smoother then a penguin. if you want black beard go talk to old blacky shawn matthews. you know school is getting weird when teachers are talking about thongs and meth

posted by: mike | 5:51 PM

black beard?

posted by: chelsa | 3:53 PM

Monday, May 05, 2003  

I look really fucking weird its like black.

posted by: Bergy | 9:58 PM

good for you derek! way to save the shaving cream

posted by: chelsa | 9:49 PM

I sexually harass people everyday, the thing is its usually guys....

posted by: Bergy | 9:49 PM

I'm Moll's babysitter. I molest her

posted by: chelsa | 9:41 PM

6 days without shaving, going on 7. Only one person has told me to shave.

posted by: Bergy | 9:41 PM

Molly you know you like my sexiness of both the types. I'm so tired of you telling people all my secrets though. Just you wait. Derek did you know that Molly masturbates to Jesus loves the little children song?

posted by: chelsa | 9:40 PM

Someone said (not mike) Said tah twe are going there... Alright... I guess. I don't know if I can get a ride, I'll try.

posted by: Bergy | 8:38 PM

... You two are crazy as hell. I like that.

Mike hasn't been on for a few days...

Heh, a person I know made a flash out of a comic I made. Its the opening for a site I am helping with...

posted by: Bergy | 7:42 PM

Chelsa has to have a babysitter!!!

posted by: Molly | 5:50 PM

wowie!! i didnt know that much!! thats disturbing!! Thank-you so much chelsa for announcing my hooker business!! I had almost forgotten about it!! Yet, how could I?? Did you know that chelsa was born w/ both sex organs?? yes its true!! Now she's a guy dressed as a girl!! She has great disguises!! can i have some chelsa??

posted by: Molly | 5:49 PM

Oh yes, I really do do that with cow patties. And i smell like them too. Can't you guys tell? The worst part is that i like to eat them too.

posted by: chelsa | 5:45 PM

Molly wants to be a hooker. Boys( or girls) give her a call.

posted by: chelsa | 5:43 PM

did you guys know that Chelsa likes to throw cow patties on the gravel at her house then take showers in it!! and she wonders why she smells!!

posted by: Molly | 5:40 PM

I had to go to the mall saturday and sunday, Saturday I didnt really mind but sunday i did!! So boring!! But now i have new clothes!! You all are like messed up!! where did Mike go? hey mike can i call you mikie? mike has a bike and likes dykes and flies kites!! your name rhymes w/ a lot of things!! did you know that?? I'm gonna fail 8th grade b/c i dont feel like doing anything...ok?? I need to do something w/ myself!! some one help me!! HELP ME!!!

posted by: Molly | 5:37 PM

Sunday, May 04, 2003 boring! next time make it hot pink.

Are you singing?

posted by: chelsa | 9:16 PM

Was white, I took a shower.

I'd Send the pain below, Send the pain below, much like suffocating, much like suffocating.

posted by: Bergy | 9:05 PM

What color?

posted by: chelsa | 7:10 PM

I'm covered in paint.

posted by: Bergy | 5:35 PM

someone burn out derek's eyes so he can't read the book that makes him depressed. or at least burn the book. He feels sorry for himself now. Not sure why, but ok? well im just totally lost with him and i dont understand a thing he is talking about. Am i the only one?

posted by: chelsa | 11:53 AM

Saturday, May 03, 2003  

I think I might it would go along with my self pity recently.

posted by: Bergy | 11:54 PM

NO! don't disconnect. otherwise me and moll will have to phone harasss you

posted by: chelsa | 10:58 PM


I don't... know what you mean.

I think I'm just gonna disconnect the internet and disappear for awhile.

posted by: Bergy | 9:39 PM

moll did you go shopping today? I think i am soon. I want to drive to springfield. So derek what's this i hear about me driving through a field with a truck and running over cows and paying for them? very interesting. Except i'd much rather run over cats for free.


posted by: chelsa | 10:49 AM

I went to the Cardinals game, they won 8-1. It was kick ass.

Alright I'll just like stay home and shit maybe I'll go visit Cody.

posted by: Bergy | 1:03 AM

Friday, May 02, 2003  

Moll is demented.
I need money, bad bad bad. Does anyone have any ideas that are logical? No I will not be a drug deal, hooker, prostitue,or do sexual favors for money. So if any of you have any ideas besides those...let me know. Moll are we doing anything tonight? I want to drive and get some pizza and so something else. Mike, have you left us? Well im out


posted by: chelsa | 4:17 PM

Derek, what the heck are you talking about?? you're so messed up!! what do you mean by it's all done?? I hope you know that me and Chels can't do anyhting this weekend!! You did know that right?? So how about next weekend?? That would be fine for us i think!! Chelsa I'm gonna kill you!!!! The ppl from the woods are too!!! We have a cult and we're gonna get you and tie you up and kill you by cuttin you w/ papercuts!! hahahaha!!!!!!! Oh yah and if we can do something next weekend depends on if we can get a RIDE!!!! I'm at school right now in 9th hr.!! So boring!!! But this time i am allowed to b/c it's Friday and he lets us do w/e we want to do so YAY!! well thats it for now!! LATER!!!!

posted by: Molly | 2:05 PM

Thursday, May 01, 2003  

Excuse me Ma'am step out of the car I don't speak crazy Bitch.

I'm not calling you a bitch.

posted by: Bergy | 10:34 PM

wait...what is done!! i am confused!! why would we be mad at you? is ther a reason why we should be? I'm not that crazy!! I can be though!!! Lets have some fun Molly!! :Lets go ~CRAZY~!! Some one please answer my question about the making the picture smaller thing and still put it on here!! HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OUT!!!!! I cant take it anymore!! You all have to get outta the room before I spray it w/ some special spray that w/ knock ur eyes out!! AND SOME ONE PLEASE ANSWER MY QUESTION!!!

posted by: Molly | 7:14 PM

I guess this is done... Oh well.

posted by: Bergy | 7:04 PM
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